Culinary Week
Can be booked from September to April (groups from 4 persons)
Walk Mindful & Destress in Nature
Fully arranged 5-day trip, reconnecting with yourself and/or your companion through assignments during the walks. Available from October to March
Hiking week
Can be booked from September to April (groups from 4 persons)
Culinary Week
Can be booked from September to April (groups from 4 persons)
Olive Pick Week
Period: October-November Helping with the olive picking, visit to a lagar (olive press) and much more..
Hiking week
Fully arranged trip, accompanied by a guide. Can be booked in the period September to April (groups from 4 persons)


During the year we offer various packages. These are our special themed weeks. Click on the link and you will go directly to your choice.

CULINARY WEEK (Set your own date from 4 people! Every year in the period from September to April)
WALKING WEEK Set your own date from 4 people.
This can be booked from September to April. OLIVE PICKING WEEK Between mid-October and the end of November

Dates on request!

Two ladies met through shared acquaintances. 

Our joint adventure quickly turned out to be more than that, namely sharing:
love for sincere and nice people,
walks in unspoiled green nature,
physical challenges,
love for water,
importance of self-awareness,
being mindful in life
and a healthy portion self love.

Among other things, this grew into an intense and meaningful time… we would like to spread that further together.


Enjoy life. Enjoy whatever you put in your mouth. Be aware of where this comes from, how this grows, what the process is like and more.  

We will all experience this during the Culinary week. Book NOW with 4 people and determine the arrival date yourself! (subject to availability in the Quinta).   

What do we do?
After an extensive breakfast buffet we set off in the area. We visit local entrepreneurs who explain in English what they produce, how they do it and why they do it that way. After each excursion we take products from them, with which we prepare our evening meal together! At noon we enjoy lunch. In addition, there is enough free time for a walk through nature, a Sup trip on the river, or to read a book by the pool.


* Mushroom farm
* Cheese factory
* Winery
* Liqueur factory
* And much more… Let yourself be surprised.


Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
7 nights in B&B Quinta do Rio Alva
Joint trips
1 hour SUPing with SUP Rio Alva


Transfer from and to Airport (optional to book)


1 person private room: € 895.00
2 person room: € 695.00 pp
1 person, shared room: € 795.00

Massage € 55.00 (1 hour)
Walk (accompanied by a guide)

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    WALKING WEEK Possible from September to April

    To walk; it's great for your body, it improves your stamina and it's good for your mind.

    Walking in the nature; fresh air provides extra oxygen, green landscapes increase the serotonin level (happiness hormone) and your senses are stimulated.

    Hiking in Portugal; In addition to the many benefits of walking and walking in nature, you can also enjoy the sun, a different culture, delicious food and a Portuguese wine in Portugal.

    Hiking in Portugal, at Quinta do Rio Alva

    From 4 people you can already book a fully catered package, where you determine the arrival and departure date yourself.
    You decide the number of walks and which walks we will take.
    There is a wide choice of walks and areas where we can walk. Of course I will go with you as a guide, so that you can enjoy all the beautiful things we encounter, without losing your way.
    I will also show you other places that you don't easily discover on your own.
    We will have lunch/dinner together, without you having to worry about the language, the dishes, or other matters.
    In other words, everything is arranged down to the last detail, so you can enjoy yourself.

    Not every hiker is the same. Whether you want a stay of 4 nights, or a week or longer. Everything is possible. Indicate the number of nights and the number of walks and I will be happy to make a tailor-made offer for you.

    Fill in the form below to request a quote for a walking week

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      In 2020 Lia and Sabine organized the first joint yoga week. It was a week to never forget. Not for the participants, but certainly not for us either. Because of all the corona problems we received 5 ladies, which made it an intimate week. There was a nice vibe between the participants, yoga teacher Lia, cook Sietske and our location. There was laughter and crying, beautiful conversations were had, delicious food and of course there were very nice yoga classes. Yoga classes in the glamping lodge overlooking the river, pool side classes and classes on the floating jetty on the river. In the free time we went for a walk in the beautiful nature around our Quinta and we all went to an olive oil tasting in Condeixa of our friend Marije .

      The participants were full of praise:
      * This is a gift that every woman should give to herself!
      * What a magically beautiful place for this wonderful yoga week!

      We would like to keep the small-scale character of this yoga week. So we like to repeat. If you want to organize a yoga week at our quinta, please contact us!