22 t/m 28 September 2022
Walk Mindful & Destress in Nature
Fully catered for 5 day journey, reconnecting with yourself and/or your companion through assignments during the walks
Culinary Week
Bookable from October until March
Hiking week
Can be booked from October to March in groups of 4 or more people.
Olive picking week
Period: October-November Help with the olive picking, visit to a lagar (olive press) and much more
Hiking week
Fully catered trip, accompanied by a guide


During the year we offer various packages. These are our special theme weeks. Click on the link and you will be taken directly to your choice.

THRIVE YOUR LIFE WEEK Onder leiding van Tanja, 22 t/m 28 September 2022
CULINAIRE WEEK (Eigen datum bepalen vanaf 4 personen! Elk jaar tussen Oktober en April)
WANDELWEEK Mogelijk elk jaar vanaf oktober t/m april
OLIJVENPLUK WEEK Tussen half oktober en eind november

THRIVE YOUR LIFE 22 - 28 september 2022

Wij, Sabine en Tanja, organiseren van 22 t/m 28 september in het groene hart van Portugal: 🌱”A Taste of Thrive”🌺 – een
unieke combi van vakantie en een leefstijl retreat😎!
💚Kom je ook?💚
Het engelse “ to thrive” betekent “ tot bloei komen, floreren🌺, 🌱 gedijen – en dat is wat wij, Sabine (gastvrouw en local guide) en Tanja (leefstijlcoach, fitness trainer en yogadocent) jou willen laten proeven!
Op Sabine’s prachtige locatie Quinta do Rio Alva, gelegen aan een rivier in de omgeving van Arganìl, Portugal. Een streek met machtige bergketens, natuurparken, kleine pittoreske dorpjes, rivierstrandjes en een uitgebreid netwerk van goed bewegwijzerde wandelpaden. De Quinta heeft een heerlijke tuin met zwembad en je kunt kiezen uit een verblijf in een van de comfortabele kamers of in een superdeluxe tent.
☀️Wat gaan we doen?
Naast het vakantiegevoel op de Quinta en in de omgeving, en het genieten van de heerlijke, door Sabine en staf verzorgde maaltijden, zijn er de retreat programma onderdelen. Tanja heeft al haar passie en professionaliteit gestoken in de creatie hiervan zodat je dagelijks kunt proeven hoe fitness, yoga en heart&mindfulness ervaringen je lichaam sterker en flexibeler maken, je hoofd tot rust brengen en je ziel voeden.
Voor meer info over Tanja en haar visie op leefstijl:
Wil je weten hoe dat er van dag tot dag uitziet, wat de kosten zijn en exacte data, neem gerust contact met ons op via social media of e-mail:
Stay tuned wanneer wanneer je interesse hebt, we zullen de komende tijd meer impressies tonen van dit retreat, de Quinta & de omgeving.
Sabine en Tanja

Data nog niet bekend

Two ladies met through shared acquaintances. 

Our common adventure soon turned out to be more than that, namely sharing:
love for sincere and nice people,
walks in unspoilt green nature,
physical challenges,
love for water,
importance of self-awareness,
mindful living
and a healthy portion of self-love.

This, among other things, grew into an intense and meaningful time... we would like to spread this further together.


Enjoy life. Enjoy everything you put in your mouth. Be aware of where it comes from, how it grows, the process and more. 

We are going to experience all this during the Culinary week. Book NOW with 4 people and determine the arrival date yourself! (Depending on availability in the Quinta).  

What will we do?
After a rich breakfast buffet we go out in the area. We visit local entrepreneurs who explain in English what they produce, how they do it and why they do it this way. After each excursion we buy products from them, with which we will prepare our evening meal together! In the afternoon we enjoy a lunch. Besides that, there is enough free time for a walk through nature, a Sup-trip on the river, or to read a book at the swimming pool. 


Mushroom farm
* Cheese dairy
* Winery
* Liqueur dairy
* And much more... Let yourself be surprised.


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
7 nights in B&B Quinta do Rio Alva
Joint excursions
1 hour of SUP Rio Alva


Transfer from and to airport (can be booked optionally)


1 person private room: € 895,00
2 persons room: € 695,00 p.p.
1 person, shared room: € 795,00

Massage € 55.00 (1 hour)
Walk (with Happy Walks Portugal)

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    WALKING WEEK Possible from October until April

    Walking; it's great for your body, it improves your stamina and it's good for your mind.

    Walking in nature; fresh air provides extra oxygen, green landscapes increase the serotonin level (happiness hormone) and your senses are stimulated.

    Hiking in Portugal, with Happy Walks Portugal; Besides the many advantages of hiking and walking in nature, in Portugal you can also enjoy the sun, a different culture, delicious food and a Portuguese wine.

    Hiking in Portugal, at Quinta do Rio Alva

    From 4 persons upwards you can book an all-in package, whereby you yourself determine the arrival and departure dates.
    You determine the number of walks and which walks we will make. There is a lot of choice of walks and areas where we can walk.
    Of course I will accompany you as your guide, so that you can enjoy all the beautiful things we will encounter, without getting lost.
    I will also show you other places, that you won't discover easily on your own.
    We will have lunch/dinner together, without you having to worry about the language, the dishes, or other things.
    In other words, everything will be taken care of down to the last detail, and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

    Not every hiker is the same. Whether you want a stay of 4 nights or a week or longer. Everything is possible. Give me the number of nights and the number of hikes and I will make you a tailor made offer.

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      In 2020 Lia and Sabine organized the first yoga week together. It was a week never to forget. Not for the participants, but certainly not for us. Because of the corona issues we welcomed 5 ladies, this made it an intimate week. There was a great vibe between the participants, yoga teacher Lia, cook Sietske and our location. There was laughing and crying, there were beautiful conversations, delicious food and of course there were great yoga classes. Yoga classes in the glampinglodge overlooking the river, classes at the edge of the pool and classes on the floating dock on the river. In the free time we walked in the beautiful nature around our Quinta and we all went to an olive oil tasting in Condeixa of our friend Marije.

      The participants praised:
      * This is a gift every woman should give to herself!
      * What a magical place for this wonderful yoga week!

      We would like to keep the small-scale character of this yoga week. So we are repeating in 2021. Read all about the yoga week from 13 to 20 September 2021: