Quinta do Rio Alva - Quinta Do Rio Alva Stripes 1

About us

We are José, Sabine and Sem. José is 100% Portuguese, but came to the Netherlands with his parents at a young age. Sabine is 100% Dutch, but because of the many holidays in Portugal, she already has a big Portuguese heart. Our son Sem is therefore 50% Portuguese and 50% Dutch. With his 9 years he is a pleasant, sweet and sometimes naughty little man.

Why move to Portugal?
For many years, José has longed to return to his roots. Even though he only lived in Portugal for a short time, that is where he feels at home. Since the first joint holiday to this area (about 9 years ago), Sabine also likes to build a life there. We have therefore already viewed a large number of houses in real life and online before we 'discover' this house in the summer of 2017. Ideal especially for Sabine, because a 'job' at the office in another country where you don't speak the language perfectly becomes difficult.

We both have a passion for peace, space and outdoor living. Sabine already said 25 years ago that she wanted to go into tourism, so after seeing this Quinta we were sold. A beautiful house, a super beautiful environment, numerous opportunities for excursions, sports and relaxation. 1+1 = 3.

We want everyone to enjoy this beautiful country in all its facets. With a visit to our Quinta we let you discover the "real" Portugal. For example, go on a discovery tour in authentic villages or larger cities or discover nature during beautiful hikes or a mountain bike tour! Of course we have a folder for you where you can find all the information you need to visit the most beautiful places yourself. Need more information and tips? We are ready for you.